"Fungus man"

For hundreds of years, the Haida of the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia and other Northwest Coast First Peoples have used shelfpolypore fungi medicinally. The Haida gave F. officinalis a name that translates into “ghost bread” or “tree biscuit.” (17) Shelf fungi were also used spiritually,and were found in shaman grave;Additionally, the Haida personified bracket fungus as “Fungus Man,” who, because of his ritual strength, was conscripted by Yaahl, or Raven, as a steersman for his canoe when he went to obtain female genitalia in the Haida narrative on the origin of women.17 The strong association of this fungus with wom particular, and their similarity in form, suggests an underlying female archetype.
17 Blanchette RA, Compton BD, Turner NJ,Gilbertson RL. Nineteenth century shaman grave guardians are carved Fomitopsis offici-nalis sporophores.Mycologia. 1992;84(1):119-24.

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