Raven steal the light



….Raven Travelling, in 1,400 lines. It is the result of Bringhurst’s chance discovery of a frayed binder that had been mislabelled as a letterpress book at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., which contained the long-lost first page of Skaay’s epic, along with a full copy of the original transcripts of Skaay’s recitation of the work to the linguist John Reed Swanton in 1900. This chance find allowed Bringhurst to extricate from the known sources the entire, unabridged version of Skaay’s Raven Travelling (Poem of the Elders). 

The second in the trilogy is a collection of the works of the blind Haida poet Ghandl, Nine Visits to the Mythworld. Ghandl, of the Eagle Clan, was born at Sea Lion Town (Qaysun Llanagaay) on the outer west coast of the Queen Charlottes’ archipelago. His “missionary name” was Walter McGregor.

The third in the trilogy, Being in Being, is a collection of the works of Skaay, also of the Eagle Clan, from the village of Ttaanu, a village in the southerly portions of the Haida archipelago, in what is now the South Moresby National Park Reserve.

source: http://www.bcstudies.com/?q=book-reviews/masterworks-classical-haida-mythtellers

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